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CEMS Package Systems
Maximise combustion systems efficiency and reduce atmospheric pollutants...

  EL CEMS Easyline CEMS Gas Analysis System
  EL CEMS IO Easyline CEMS Installation Overview


Gas Analysers
at the heart of most Nexus' gas analysis systems you will find...

  AO 2000 ABB Continuous Gas Analyser
  EL 3000 ABB Easyline Gas Analyser


Sample Conditions Solutions
Sample conditioning is an important part of an analyser system. They are general purpose built from components such as...

  NC 60 Series Gas Conditioning Systems
  HLD Heatless Regenerative Drying System
  SCU CEMS Sample Conditioning for CEMS Systems

M & C Heated Probe with Filter


Perma Pure Moisture Exchange/Dryer & product Outline


Hygrometers & Pyrometers
Bartec Gmbh manufacture a comprehensive range of Hygometers. Nexus is the Bartec distributor in Australia

  4457 Portable Lab Hygometer
  K 4326-23 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
  K 4326-31 Multi Function Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
  Z 1701-40 Process Hygometer(and Oxygen)
  Z 1701-10 Process Hygometer(and Oxygen)
  H 4230-10 Process Hygometer
  H 4230-11 Process Hygometer (more difficult applications)
  H 4230-12 Process Hygometer (Zone 2)
  H 5672-21 & H 5672-31 Moisture Analyser
  R270 Stationary Pyrometer RS485/CAN
  R300, R301 & R302 Stationary Pyrometer 4-20mA/HART
  R310, R311, R312 & R320 Stationary Pyrometer 4-20mA/HART
  R330 Stationary Pyrometer 4-20mA/HART
  R2610 Stationary Pyrometer 4-20mA/HART


Nexus recommends and uses Environics gas calibrators. We are the Australian distributor of the Environics range of calibrators

  Series 2000 Computerised Multi-Component Gas Mixer
  Series 4000 Computerised Multi-Component Gas Mixer
  Series 4040

Computerised Gas Dilution Systems




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