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Nexus Analytical was formed in 2000 with a strong focus on delivering gas analyser systems, products, spares and service to industry.  Our commitment to customer service has been backed by the in-depth knowledge in this specialised and often challenging area of instrumentation, a knowledge gained by the team here at Nexus Analytical through working with gas analysers and related instrumentation.

It is well recognised in industry, including by those engineers and technicians with an understanding of the many techniques available for measurement of process conditions, that analysis of gas processes presents challenges.  Contaminants including water vapour, dust, acid and components in the gas stream which can interact with in the measurement of the gas of interest.  Those working “day to day” with gas analyser systems are well versed with these difficulties, however dealing with them in an effective way is often the true challenge.

Gas analysers, their principles of operation and of course their capabilities have been enhanced through the advent of microprocessor technology and its continual improvement.  Many improvements to the analyser concern the ease of operation, service, reduction of maintenance and greater information made available to the supervising computer and to the technician.

As an example of keeping up to date with such changes ABB Automation GmbH - PRU Continuous Gas Analyser Division (one of Nexus Analytical’s principals) provided related training to Mark McCann (Director).

In addition to representing ABB’s gas analytical range, Nexus Analytical is proud to represent and support the following manufacturers :

 ·        Perma Pure LLC (USA) – membrane dryers, sample conditioners and filters.

 ·        M&C Products GmbH (Germany) – sample probes, heated sample lines, pumps, gas sampling accessories.

 ·        Bartec GmbH (Germany) – pyrometers and hygrometers.

 ·       ABB Analytical (Germany) - gas analysers

 ·        Baldwin (USA) - gas sample coolers

 ·        Environics Inc (USA) – gas calibrators

With world attention turned on the issue of global warming it seems logical that gas analysers should play a part in the reduction of greenhouse gas outputs in the future.  Nexus Analytical is looking forward to assisting in any way that it can with a real reduction in this problem. We have invested out expertise and enthusiasm in gas analysis and intend to continue investing these resources which we believe drive our success






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