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Nexus have a fully equipped workshop, including an Environics computerised gas dilution station. This allows us to perform the following important functions in-house:

Quality assurance testing and calibration

  • Analysers
  • Completed analyser systems

Testing and Repair

  • Analysers
  • Sample conditioning and ancillary analyser equipment

Manufacture of Analyser Systems

  • Analysers built to client specification and needs

On-site commissioning and training

Nexus provides onsite commissioning and training for all its analyser products. An invaluable service as the unfamiliarity of a new analyser at initial start up is often challenging. Maintenance technicians are usually  unfamiliar with a new analyser system and additionally do not have time available to involve themselves fully in commissioning as it would disrupt their other duties. This is where Nexus Analytical can provide on-site training, in conjunction with commissioning to maintenance and operating personnel, thereby ensuring a smooth integration of the new analyser system, whether its a new or existing plant.

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